• Erythrynidae
  • /  Hoplias lacerdae
Publicado em: 07/12/2016


Geographical Distribution: Amazon, Araguaia-Tocantins (peripheral areas of the basins) andPrata (upperParaguai) basins.

Description: Fish with scales, it can reach 44 lbs of weight and more than 3.3 ft of length, but specimens of this size are hard to find. The color is almost black on the back, flanks are gray and it has a whitish belly.

Ecology: Piscivorous species, very voracious. It lives in the banks of rivers and lakes/ponds in shallow areas with vegetation and branches.
Geographical Distribution: Amazon basin and Ribeira do Iguape river (SP). Fishing spots: backwaters of rivers, dikes and lakes. Fishing Seasons: Throughout year. Equipment: Material of medium and heavy category, rod with reel or spool. 

Line: from 0.02to 0.03 in. Hooks: 3/0 to 6/0 (Mustadref: 92247 or 7731-A). Baits: Natural: Small fishes and earth worm. Artificial: Spoons, jigs, spinners and mid-water plugs(Original Rapala and Magnum Floating, sizes 9, 11, 13, 14). Synonyms (Portuguese): lobó, traíra-açu, traíra-preta.