• Cichlidae
  • /  Cichla spp.
Publicado em: 07/12/2016

Peacock bass

Geographical Distribution: The following Brazilian states:Acre, Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia, Pará, Amapá, Tocantins, Mato Grosso, Goiás, Mato Grosso faz Sul, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas, Pernambuco, Maranhão, Ceará, Piauí, Rio Grande do Norte and Paraíba. 

Characteristics: Within the family of this species, there are at least 8 types that are distinguished by their color pattern, size and number of vertical stripes along their body. However, in reality, there are only four separate species in the group. The largest of them can measure up to 3.9 ft in length and weigh up to 35 lbs.

Habitat and behavior: His preference is to live on the riverbanks during the dry season and on flooded forests in the rainy season. They occupy the shallow edges of ponds in the early morning and late in the day. They seek for the depths of rivers when the sun is strongest and take shelter behind the barriers of rocks and fallen branches of trees.