• Pimelodidae
  • /  Branchyplatystoma vaillant
Publicado em: 07/12/2016

Laulao Catfish

Class: Osteichthyes
Order: Siluriforrmes

Description: Fish that has leather skin and live in freshwater. It is a kind of large fish, reaching about 3.30 ft of length and about 22 lbs of weight. It has, in addition to its common barbels, more two of them on the head and another two starting at the head and going up to the tail, one on each side. Its reproduction occurs at the beginning of the flood, at the upper Solimões, and the fingerlings grow up in the estuary near the Bay of Marajó. Laulao catfish is the only species of the genus that form large shoals and can be captured in groups in Solimões/Amazonas. It is well accepted both for local consumption and for export because of its pleasant taste and good nutritional quality.