• Ctenoluciidae
  • /  Boulengerella spp
Publicado em: 15/12/2016



Geographic Distribution: Amazon basin and Araguaia - Tocantins.

Description: fish of scales. Elongated and pliable body; Mouth pointed and rather hard, which hinders the hooked; Dorsal fin located in the posterior half of the body. The coloring pattern varies from species to species, and B.ocellata presents an ocellation at the base of the caudal fin. The largest specimens can reach about 1m in length and 6kg in weight.

Ecology: pelagic fish (surface and half water), found along the rivers edge, mouth of igarapés and lakes, in areas of little current. They do not form large schools and do not migrate from spawning. B. ocellata is a piscivorous and extremely voracious species. It is highly sporty, as it often jumps out of the water before surrendering, but has no commercial importance.